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Area: Les Halles / Beaubourg

Metro Stations

Etienne Marcel, Les Halles, Louvre-Rivoli, Rambuteau, Châtelet



The center of Paris, having the highest concentration of bars. Some big bars around make it a good area for large groups, with a good selection of late-night bars as well. Not the safest of areas after hours, but there's usually enough normal people around to make it a little more secure.

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Le Pavillon65 bd Sebastopol 75001 01 4233 8707 Châtelet
La Pouchla10 rue Mandar 75002 01 4026 4075 Etienne Marcel
The Quiet Man5 rue Haudriottes 75003 01 4804 0277 Rambuteau
Quigly's Point5 rue du Jour 75001 01 4508 1704 Les Halles
Le Shop3 rue d'Argout 75002 N/A Les Halles
Le Sous Bock49 rue St. Honoré 75001 01 4026 4661 Châtelet
Taverne des Halles12 rue Cossonerie 75001 01 4236 2644 Châtelet
UGC WorldNet CafeForum des Halles
(Porte Ste. Eustache)
75001 N/A Les Halles