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The Pubs, Cafés, and Bars in our Premier Division are in an elite set. They are there because they tend to have a consistent track record of providing fun and entertainment. It is difficult to believe though that these are the only places to go to in a town like Paris. So... we present here a further 24 venues which we have placed in our First Division. On their night, any of these places could be equally as entertaining as the bars in our Premier Division and with a little more consistency could easily be promoted.

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Le Pic Clops16 rue Vieille du Temple 75004 01 4029 0218 Hôtel de Ville
Coolìn15 rue Clement 75006 01 4407 0092 Mabillon
Melocoton10 rue Descartes 75005 N/A Maubert Mutualité
The Shebeen16 rue du Pot de Fer 75005 01 4587 3443 Place Monge
Truskel10 rue Feydeau 75002 01 4026 5997 Bourse
Le Bateau Ivre40, rue Descartes 75005 01 4407 2264 Place Monge
Le Violon Dingue46 rue de la Montagne
Ste. Genevieve
75005 01 4325 7993 Maubert Mutualité
Au Caveau Montpensier15 rue Montpensier 75001 01 4703 3378 Les Halles
Pub St. Michel19 Quai St. Michel 75005 01 4633 3041 St. Michel
The Cricketer41 rue des Mathurins 75008 01 4007 0145 St. Lazare
Café Iguana15 rue de La Roquette 75011 01 4021 2999 Bastille
Les Chimères133 rue St. Antoine 75004 01 4272 7197 St. Paul