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77 rue St. Dominique
75007 Paris

O'Brien's website


Fairly large and well laid-out Irish pub, with (still) slightly too new decor. The usual selection of lagers and Guinness at above average prices. They take great pride in their beer quality, and have invested in a high-tech pouring system, which reportedly makes for Guinness of excellent quality. The pub is something of an Oasis, being the only bar for (seemingly) miles around. TV for sports and a quiz night on Sundays. For their own latest promotional material, check out O'Brien's Website.
Metro: Invalides
Phone:  01 4551 7587
Opening hours: ?-0200
Happy hours: N/A
Category ScoreScaling Points
Worst ambience: 30.5 1.5
Best ambience: 50.5 2.5
Beer: 717
Clientele : 616
Staff: 717
Wines / Spirits: 30.51.5
Cheapest non-HH pint: € 5.79*14.5
TOTAL:   30

Division 2, Pos 16

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