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Back in the dark ages, interesting yet inexpensive places to go out in Paris were in short supply. Merci pour la renaissance! New bars, pubs and cafés are now springing up monthly, many with international themes. Prices tend to fluctuate though, and to benefit from the keenest pricing you have to be in the right place at the right time. Happy hours vary enormously, some starting as early as 4pm, others finishing as late as midnight.

This site should help you find the right place for your budget, taste or just general whimsy.

Our database and A to Z of bars currently have 259 entries (please let us know if your favourite bar isn't listed), 152 of which have been rated and ranked. Places are given points for music, ambience, beer, cocktails, prices, etc. in a surprisingly scientific manner. As pubs come in and out of favour, and bar staff change, the list will be updated. So keep up to date with the "in" places by visiting regularly.


Your views count! 

I'm happy to announce a great new feature for the site! As long as you're logged-in, all your pub updates are now submitted directly to our database (instead of just emailed to the webmaster) for review. Once cleaned of anything that might generally be considered offensive, they will appear along with other visitors comments under the pub reviews! That way we can all see what others think about the various venues and everyone can add their say. Why didn't we think of it before I hear you cry?... well actually we did, but it's taken us far too long to put it in place!

So, please go ahead and give it a try - submit your reviews for pubs you know and love (or don't as the case may be ;-) !

The next step (assuming user reviews are well received) will be to add "live" scoring to the site, so all the pub / bar ratings take into account a "live" average of visitor's ratings. Watch this space for more web 2.0 style developments!

My Pub / Bar Featured Here!

Publicans / proprietaires / landlords / managers: please contact us for details on how you can have your bar / pub featured on this page with anything from a simple text link, or a banner to a full review. (You can also use the contact form to report any updates or inaccuracies).




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