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We still consider the pubs in division II as above average. They're here because they either score average marks in all categories, or may score well in a few categories but have some shortcomings (such as high price). Many of these bars (particularly the Irish pubs) tend not to be the wildest places in town, but are more often relaxing places to have a quiet, but decent, pint. There are also a few extremely lively places here, but many of these are far more expensive than the bars in the top two divisions.

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Le Mannekin Pis4 rue Daunou 75002 01 4924 0414 Opéra
Le Baron Rouge1 rue Theophile Roussel 75012 01 4343 1432 Ledru Rollin
La Pouchla10 rue Mandar 75002 01 4026 4075 Etienne Marcel
Le Smokerue Delambre 75014 - Edgar Quinet
Le Cithéa112 rue Oberkampf 75011 01 4021 7095 Parmentier
Le Cristal163 av de Suffren 75015 01 4734 4792 Sèvres Lecourbe
Monte Cristo68 av des Champs Elysees 75008 01 4076 0065 George V
Jack's Bar118 bld de Clichy 75018 01 4387 6400 Blanche
Kitty O'Sheas10 rue des Capucines 75002 01 4015 0808 Madeleine
The Cruiscin Lan18 rue des Halles 75001 01 4508 9915 Les Halles
Chicago Pizza Pie5 rue Berri 75008 01 4562 5023 George V
Le Sous Bock49 rue St. Honoré 75001 01 4026 4661 Châtelet